Counting Heartbeats

Swedish title: Räkna hjärtslag

Series: Betty

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 06-09-2021

Counting Heartbeats

Katarina Widholm

Heart-rendering debut, no 3 in the Book of the Year Award 2022, introducing charismatic and loveable book-lover Betty.

It’s the interwar years in Sweden when we first meet Betty, a bookish 17-year-old who can’t wait to get out of her small town and see the world that she’s read so much about. On the train to Stockholm, she meets Martin Fischer, a distinguished young man of Jewish heritage who teaches literature. Before long, the two have been made fast friends by their shared passion.

In Stockholm she will soon learn that it is difficult to find time for reading novels, as she is put to hard work by the kind Doctor Molander and his not equally kind wife, who seems set on making life as unbearable as possible for poor Betty. But she is a fast learner, and with the help of friends that she meets, she starts to decipher this brave new world around her. Another helpful factor is her correspondence with Martin, and what starts as an innocent discussion of their favourite novels, soon grows into something else entirely.

One day, Martin disappears, and despite her every effort, she cannot find out what has happened to him. Simultaneously, she discovers something that threatens to turn her whole life upside-down.

COUNTING HEARTBEATS is Katarina Widholm’s debut in the ‘Betty’ series, about a young woman’s journey into adulthood in a historical time that in many ways mirrors ours. A warm, heart-rendering and page-turning novel, Betty’s story will transport the reader to a world on the brink of the second world war.

Rights sold

Danish: People's Press
Finnish: Gummerus
French: Under offer
Norwegian: Vigmostad & Björke

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