Collected Works

Lydia Sandgren

Martin Berg is tumbling into a life crisis. He is the owner of a small ailing Gothenburg based publishing house. Several years ago, Martin’s wife, Cecilia Berg, disappeared from his and their children’s lives, leaving a huge void. Now, in middle-age,…

Swedish title: Samlade verk

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 31-03-2020


Andrzej Tichý

An intense, polyphonic story collection from the August Prize-nominated writer.In GRAVITY, Andrzej Tichý combines a short-form multi-faceted narrative. The people in these stories all struggle to relate to the structures that layer the world and the…

Swedish title: Renheten

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 14-02-2020

Tropic of Crocodile

Jona Elings Knutsson

In this wondrous and imaginative novel, crocodiles gifted by Fidel Castro occupy a small Soviet bathtub, a woman is battling her crippling grief by day-dreaming about space travel, and a mother of two makes murderous plans in her battle to survive.Pr…

Swedish title: Krokodilens vändkrets

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 24-01-2020


Andrzej Tichý

Waiting by the canal in Malmö, a young cellist meets a disorientated junkie. The encounter sends him into a turmoil of memories, voices and associations. As the cellist oscillates between present and past, he is paralysed by doubt and confusion and h…

Swedish title: Eländet

Category: Fiction / Literature & Fiction

Pub date: 05-08-2016