Dark Horse

Swedish title: Dragoner

Series: Dominion

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 18-03-2021

Dark Horse

Gertrud Hellbrand

An atmospheric new crime series written by a master storyteller, DARK HORSE will take the reader into the sinister heart of the deceptively tranquil Swedish countryside, where nothing and no-one is what they seem.

When Mira Westman’s grandfather is found dead in his country cottage, she decides to return to the village of Hedsbro in Östergötland where she grew up to sort out his affairs. Everything seems to indicate that her grandfather drank too much, fell, and hit his head. The police are satisfied it was an accident. But when Mira’s cousin Ville disappears without a trace from the neighbouring horse farm where he works, Mira begins to suspect that the sudden death of her grandfather was anything but an accident.

All around Mira the picturesque landscape of rolling pastures and fields are flowering in the May sunshine, but under that beautiful surface secrets linger and deep cracks appear. Mira originally left Hedsbro as a teenager after a horrific incident that still haunts her, making her even more determined to find out what has happened to her family. Who may have wanted to see her grandfather dead? Are her grandfather’s neighbours, the equestrians Jerry and Patrik Hartley Lindskog, involved in the disappearance of Ville? Can Mira still trust her teenage crush Adam, whose little brother seems to be terrorising the district?

DARK HORSE is the first book in the ‘Dominion Series’ by critically acclaimed Gertrud Hellbrand, and her first crime novel. The book is equally a twisty murder mystery and a dark tale about family ties, love, betrayal, and jealousy. How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love

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Danish: Grönningen

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