Fire Smoke Greens

Swedish title: Eld rök grönt

Category: Non Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 30-04-2019

Fire Smoke Greens

Martin Nordin

This book will teach you how to cook vegetables over a fire; char the food properly and enjoy the deep flavors. The onion gets really sweet, the eggplant will get a smoky touch and the Jerusalem artichoke develops beautifully rusted tones.

There is so much more to cooking vegetables over fire than just putting them on the grill. Some can be put directly onto live coals, chili peppers can be grilled in an ordinary colander, and you can even use the grill to smoke cheese! Fire Smoke Greens will guide you through different techniques, with recipes for rich, simple and refined vegetarian meals.

With a unique sense for food as well as photography, Martin Nordin has created a sequel to the globally successful book Green Burgers.

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