Great Meat

Swedish title: Bra kött

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 14-10-2014

Format: 194x275 mm 400 pages

Great Meat

Gert Klötzke, Niclas Wahlström

Great Meat contains 300 fantastic recipes from two of the best chefs in Sweden: Gert Klötzke and Niclas Wahlström.
The book uses the whole animal ”from nose to tail” and includes a ”meat school” section that answers every possible question you might have about meat and how to cook it. It also provides hunters with many great tips on how to use all the different parts of the animal.

The abundance of tempting recipes using beef, lamb, kid, pork, poultry and venison are not only based on traditional
knowledge on the best cooking methods for capturing flavours but also the latest findings. There are over 500 inspirational photographs of the dishes and meat cuts and the book is divided into chapters based on different cooking methods such as boiling, casseroling, roasting, frying, grilling or smoking, as well as sections on how to make your own sausages, sauces, stocks and side dishes. You do not need to eat meat every day, but when you do eat it, spend a bit more money and you will find that it tastes better!

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