Hamburgers and Tex-Mex

Swedish title: Hamburgare och texmex

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 26-08-2013

Format: Format: 195x260 mm, 128 pages, 4 C

Hamburgers and Tex-Mex

Lena Söderström

Juicy hamburgers, spicy tacos, hot wraps – junk food has made its way into the trendiest of restaurants. Bar menus include up-market Tex-Mex and every self-respecting fashionable restaurant has a hamburger on its menu, made using the best meat that the kitchen has to offer. Burgers, tacos and wraps are traditionally street food that can easily be taken to a whole new level in your own kitchen. What’s the trick? By using the best ingredients you can quickly and easily make fresh and delicious junk food at home.

Lena Söderström’s source of inspiration for the recipes in this book have been the classic American burger and the colourful Tex-Mex cuisine from both Texas and the American south-west coast on the border between the USA and Mexico. The food there might well be served on plastic plates without cutlery, but they never economise on flavour or quality.

This book is full of big, juicy burgers, spicy meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian tacos, wraps and quesadillas, hot and fruity salsas, spicy dips with fresh herbs, filling bean dishes with chilli and masses of fresh mint and coriander.

Lena Söderström is a food journalist who writes everything from recipes to interviews with celebrities and well-known chefs. She inherited her interest in food from her Russian paternal grandmother who could cook the old-school Russian way and inspired Lena to become an enthusiastic ambassador for good food, both traditional and modern, Swedish, Russian and more exotic. Lena’s maternal grandmother, on the other hand, an aristocrat with servants, could only cook two dishes: potato cakes with cep cream sauce and vanilla pudding. She was an avid reader of cookbooks though and passed them on to her granddaughter. It is thanks to her that Lena has masses of valuable recipes in her possession.

Lena Söderström’s recipes are easy to follow thanks to her experience at KF’s test kitchen where she designed and tested recipes up until 1996.

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