In Deep Water

Swedish title: Vågspel

Series: The Karin Adler series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 02-05-2016

In Deep Water

Ann Rosman

At the height of WWI, on the 5th of June 1916, the British warship HMS Hampshire goes down outside the Orkney Islands. With her she takes the British Minister of War, Lord Kitchener, and almost 700 men. But what else did she take with her? Rumours are rife, and tell about a vast, almost incomprehensible treasure.

Almost a hundred years later, a Swedish sailboat is found drifting with no-one on board, in the very same waters where the HMS Hampshire was lost. The captain is missing. Bloodstains and signs of a struggle are evident on deck.

Karin Adler of the Gothenburg Police is called on to assist the local police in solving the case of the missing man, a Marstrand resident and professional deep-sea diver. During the investigation, a curious connection between the missing Swede and the long since shipwrecked HMS Hampshire is made, stemming from a disastrous diving expedition at the wreck site in the 1970’s. It’s clear that the case hinges on events that took place a long time ago, which resonate into present day.

Five crime novels in the Karin Adler series have been published to date, and Ann Rosman’s works have been sold to eight countries. IN DEEP WATER is the sixth novel in the series, and is set on the green and windswept Orkney Islands, a place where folklore is very much alive and secrets go deep. A place both of death and of fervent love.

Rights sold

Danish: Punktum
Finnish: Bazar Kustannus
German: Aufbau
Norwegian: Cappelen Damm
Polish: Czarna Owca
Russian: AST License