Into the Maelstrom

Swedish title: Marvatten

Series: The Karin Adler series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 29-09-2020

Into the Maelstrom

Ann Rosman

Karin Adler returns in the much-anticipated seventh book in the Marstrand series. Over 23,000 copies sold to date!

It is 1867 and a fire has razed an entire neighbourhood of Marstrand to the ground, leaving its inhabitants homeless and distraught. One of them is Johanna, who had recently moved to the town to work as a maid for the local goldsmith. Was the cause of the fire an accident or could there be more to it…?

Fast forward to Marstrand a hundred-and-fifty years later. Lotta has recently moved to the island to run a hotel and becomes acquainted with Karin Adler, who is on maternity leave following the birth of her first child. Meanwhile, Karin’s police colleagues, Robert and Folke, are called to the docks where a sailor has been found dead onboard a cargo ship. But questions are soon raised about the circumstances surrounding the death. And, is the frequency of the Swedish Maritime Administrations’s helicopter rescue exercises somehow connected to the case?

Ann lives on the Marstrand island herself and finds inspiration in its vibrant culture as well as its rich and dramatic past. In her own words: ‘Marstrand is like a gateway where two worlds meet: the present and the past – or why not reality and imagination?’ Truth and legend colour this gateway, and connections between past and present shape Karin’s investigations, leading her and the reader back into mysteries of centuries past.

‘Policewoman Karin Adler is back and with her a new salt-sprinkled detective story from Marstrand. A story with a dual timeline where the historical depiction is impressive.’

– Göteborgs Posten

‘As usual, she keeps parallel stories going in a most skillful way. One historical and one contemporary, throughout with minor connections that add to the excitement. … Simply put, a long-awaited and strong comeback.’

– Bohusläningen

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