Kimchi and Kombucha

Swedish title: Kimchi och Kombucha : den nya vetenskapen om hur tarmbakterierna stärker din hjärna

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 21-08-2018

Format: 195x240 mm, 206 pages

Kimchi and KombuchaHow your gut bacteria impact your mood, behavior and brain.

Soki Choi

Have we wasted a lot of time, energy and money on medication, self-help books, psychologists and other therapists when a simple faecal transplant could have been the solution? Because it turns out that bacteria doesn’t just play an essential role in our immune system, but also in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, stress and chronic pain etc.

The connection between the gut and the brain is a groundbreaking discovery, and perhaps the most exciting one within medical research today. In this book, Soki Choi presents the microbiotic revolution and the latest breakthroughs in research into gut-brain axis, which can affect your brain and psychological health in a fascinating way. Soki also offers proven tips on how food can contribute with good bacteria and in turn affect your immune system and brain health. And to kick start your brain she reveals her best recipes for kimchi and kombucha, all bursting with good bacteria.

SOKI CHOI is an entrepreneur and internationally­ renowned­ systems­ researcher ­at­ Karolinska Institutet.­ She ­has­ held­ lectures­ all­ over­ the­ world,­ talked­ about­ the­ future­ of­ health­ and­ health-car ­on TED ­Talks­ and­ Swedish­ television­ programmes­ and­ has­ even­ carried­ out­ research­at­ Harvard­ and worked ­as ­a­ research­ and­ development­ adviser­ at Karolinska ­University­ Hospital.­

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