Swedish title: Lakrits

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 27-02-2013

Format: 195x224 mm, 144 pages, 4+4

Liquorice60 recipes - from fudge to liquorice Tosca cake

Elisabeth Johansson

A unique book about liquorice!
Finally, a complete recipe book on liquorice. The book contains about 60 exciting and delicious recipes for everything from liquorice fudge and salt liquorice ice cream to liquorice Tosca cake, liquorice-marinated lamb and liquorice liqueur. The recipes are proof that there are no boundaries to how this trendy and healthy root can be used in food and sweets.

The book mainly comprises recipes, but there are also some facts about the world’s most delicious root and what it can be used for – raw liquorice, liquorice granules, liquorice powder and salty liquorice. It is all interesting reading that proves that liquorice not only tastes good but is also good for you!

The woman behind the book is the pastry chef, chef and queen of liquorice Elisabeth Johansson. She is a busy and experienced recipe and cookbook writer who has written more than 10 cookbooks, the most recent of which is The Chocolate Bible.

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