Mind’s Eye

Swedish title: Det grovmaskiga nätet

Series: Van Veeteren 1

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 06-06-2003

Mind’s Eye

Håkan Nesser

In the murky grey town of Maardam, somewhere in northern Europe, Superintendent Van Veeteren and his colleagues have to deal with the case of Janek Mattias Mitter – the high school teacher who cannot remember whether he has murdered his wife or not. They little suspect the fateful tragedy which will be revealed in their quest for the truth.

Mind´s Eye is the first of Håkan Nesser’s series of ten novels about Superintendent Van Veeteren and his colleagues in the police force in Maardam.

Rights sold

Czech: Moba Knihy
Danish: Modtryk
English (UK): Macmillan
Finnish: Tammi
French: Edition du Seuil
German: btb Verlag
Greek: Metaixmio
Italian: Ugo Guanda
Lithuanian: Media Incognito
Hebrew :Armchair Publishing
Hungarian: Animus
Macedonian: Antalog
Polish: Czarna Owca
Portuguese: 2020 Editora
Romanian: Editura Trei
Slovenian: Presernova Dr
Turkish: Liber Plus

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