Nature’s Larder

Swedish title: Blåbärssnår, äppelskrutt och rabarberskugga

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 08-05-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 276 pages

Nature’s Larder

My Feldt

“I want my recipes to convey emotions, smells and memories. The popping sound that a stalk of rhubarb makes as you pull it out of the earth. The texture of a sun-ripened raspberry that you pick from a bush and put straight into your mouth. The smell of lilac bushes in flower. I want to bake, I want to see the beauty of nature and I want others to see what I see and taste the flavours of nature.”

Nature’s Larder is far from being ”just” a baking book. It is just as much a story about emotions, sustainability and living as one with nature. It is a book about the earth being something we borrow and about the satisfaction of making something with your hands in order to understand and see beauty in everything around us.

MY FELDT is the brightest star in the world of Swedish bakery and people travel from far and wide to go to the bakery in Halmstad that she runs together with her husband Johan. She has an impressive CV and in 2017 she won the Swedish Gastronomy Award. This is her first book and it contains over 70 recipes.

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