Older and Wiser!

Swedish title: Tänkebok för glada gubbar

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 11-02-2014

Older and Wiser!Inspiration and advice for retiring baby boomers

Dag Sebastian Ahlander

An optimist lives 7 years longer than a pessimist! ”The aim of my first handbook Handbook for Happy Old Men was to get older men to realise that they have many exciting years and interesting projects ahead of them. The aim of this book is to show them the lighter side of such issues and to do so with a touch of humour.”

Those of us born in the forties have been lucky historically, which is why it is important to be able to see ourselves in a broader context whilst feeling grateful for being able to live in the here and now. The consoling thoughts and humour in this book are sure to put a smile on your face about the time ahead that you have to look forward to.

We won’t find the meaning of life in science or religion; we have to look within ourselves. Dag Sebastian Ahlander’s
philosophy of life consists of titbits that he has snapped up on the way: wise words that are based on his own and others’experience. Because when it comes to life, there are no experts! He also deals elegantly with the stubborn issue of our
inevitable death.

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