Run or Die

Swedish title: Spring eller dö

Series: Doggerland

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 26-03-2021

Format: 135 x 215 mm

Run or Die

Maria Adolfsson

Karen Eiken Hornby is back! 325 000 copies sold nationally

The harbour is crowded when Doggerland’s first pride parade takes place. Suddenly, the high spirits turn into horror when someone fires a weapon straight into the crowd. When the police arrive, the perpetrator is already dead.

The pregnant Karen Eiken Hornby is determined to find out the motive behind the terrible deed. Slowly, the picture of the shooters’ last period of life emerges. But is that really the full story?

And, at the same time, Karen is confronted with truths and lies coming from her own past.

RUN OR DIE is the fourth book in the internationally bestselling series featuring Detective Karen Eiken Hornby. With the unique setting of Maria Adolfsson’s imaginary Doggerland islands, featuring its own local language, geography, and cultural traditions with roots in Britain and Scandinavia—the ideal setting for a Nordic Noir series with a twist.

Rights sold

Danish: People's Press
Dutch: Luitingh Sijthoff
Estonian: Uhinenud Ajakirjad
Finnish: WSOY Tammi
Italian: SEM LIBRI
Island: Forlagid
Norwegian: Strawberry

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