Simply Salads

Swedish title: Sallader med smak

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 11-04-2023

Format: 215x280, 160 pages

Simply Salads

Ylva Bergqvist, illustrated by Erica Jacobson

A well-made salad is the perfect meal: tasty and filling, nutritious and invigorating. Simply Salads includes 60 vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes for any occasion: hearty salads and bowls, salads with grilled meat or vegetables, and salads as a side dish or dessert.

How do you make a really tasty salad — one not only packed with vitamins and good fibres but also a fantastic mix of flavours and textures that is both fresh and crisp? As you will learn in this book, the salad has its own anatomy and consists of different building blocks. So what’s a good method for composing a salad? And which dressing completes the masterpiece?

Ylva Bergqvist cooks with flavours from all over the world and is a master of transforming simple dishes to reach new heights.

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