Smart sweets Without Sugar, Gluten or Dairy

Swedish title: Smarta sötsaker utan socker, gluten och mjölk

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 08-04-2014

Format: Format: 195x224 mm, 128 pages, 4C

Smart sweets Without Sugar, Gluten or Dairy

Ulrika Hoffer

Guilt-free sweets
Imagine a chocolate mousse that is actually good for you! And that’s not all. This book is bursting with recipes for nutritious bombs that are disguised as sweets and pastries.

More and more of us are choosing to exclude sugar, gluten and dairy products from our diets, and not just because of allergies. We want to eat more healthily and feel better without having to content ourselves with dull alternatives stuffed with taste enhancers and additives.

Smart sweets includes confectionery, cakes, pastries and desserts without sugar, white flour or dairy products. The recipes are simple and do not require long lists of complicated ingredients. Some of them only need a quick stir and can be eaten as raw food while others just involve baking and can be eaten with a dollop of cream and some fresh berries. There are even recipes for tasty titbits to keep you going until dinner time when you start feeling peckish in the afternoon, titbits that are guaranteed not to set your blood sugar plummeting or get your sweet tooth going soon afterwards.

Choose between the book’s 70 delicious recipes, which include chocolate muffins, vanilla and pear cake, chocolate chai mud cake, oven-baked plums with nuts, mint truffles, pecan squares, bounty wannabees and stir-fried pineapple with coconut cream and strawberry ice cream.
The book also is also a source of knowledge about sugar, gluten and dairy products, what effect they have on us and why they are so tempting. We learn how these products trigger our reward system and why it feels so comforting to eat something sweet. Many have people have tried and succeeded in excluding sugar from their diets but they have also discovered that when they do, something is missing – and that something is sweet!
You will now be able to enjoy another biscuit without the guilt trip afterwards!

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