The Big Book on Cooking

Swedish title: Bonniers kokbok

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 30-09-2010

Format: 672 pages, 195x275mm, colour

The Big Book on Cooking


18 chapters on different subjects, from hour d’oeuvres, to pies, to vegetarian, to parties, meat, fish, desserts, all you could possibly think of.

The Party section is divided in seasons so you easily can find suitable recepies for each occasion.In addition to the recepies you also get tips on what to think of, how to prepare, how much you need of everything, which drinks to offer and a lot more.

To give further inspiration and make it easier to use in your everyday life, you can find four different lists of seasonal food, quick dished, vegetarian and classical dishes.

You will find modern dishes, salads, classical one, fish- and shellfish, barbeque, sauces, flavours from the whole world, professional bread, smart brunch recepies, and delicious desserts.

Of course you also find a lot of facts about cooking times, how to store different food, how to handle different ingredients and a lot more.

All recepies are tested, so you can trust that they are absolutely correct.

672 pages, 1800 recepies – a book full of inspiration for everyone

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