The Butcher from Little Burma

Swedish title: Styckerskan från Lilla Burma

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 14-09-2012

The Butcher from Little BurmaThe Barbarotti Series

Håkan Nesser

The fifth and final book about the police Gunnar Barbarotti from the town Kymlinge. It is also the first and only book about Ellen Bjarnebo, known as the Butcheress of Little Burma. For personal reasons inspector Gunnar Barbarotti is unfit for work. He is given one of Kymlinge police’s cold cases, which soon begins to thaw considerably in his capable hands. If Ellen Bjarnebo was innocent and has wrongly served the last 11 years in prison, then who did murder and cut up the victim in 1989? A case of intensifying developments, takes Barbarotti on a journey through Sweden from the farmhouse known as Little Burma outside Kymlinge to a remote mountain hotel. It’s a very good outing for Gunnar Barbarotti and possibly also for our Lord, though the latter remains a question of faith or interpretation.


Rights sold

Czech: MOBA
Danish: Modtryk
Dutch: Uitgeverij De Geus
English: Mantle, Pan Macmillan
Finnish: Tammi
German: Btb
Italian: Guanda
Norwegian: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag
Polish: Czarna Owca

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