The Complete Guide to the World of Wine

Swedish title: Håkan Larssons guide till vinets värld

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 03-02-2015

Format: 170x240 mm, 352pages

The Complete Guide to the World of Wine

Håkan Larsson

Håkan Larsson’s new book is not just an excellent reference book bursting with facts about wine countries, grape varieties and different types of wines, it is also an exciting tale that is so subtle that you can read it from cover to cover while hardly noticing how much you are learning or how much you are being inspired to make discoveries of your own. The long chapter dedicated to the art of combining food with wine, Håkan’s true speciality, is an added bonus with plenty of concrete wine tips. The tale is garnished with short features on different themes and Håkan answers frequently asked questions, gives advice on the best glasses, suggests exclusive wine gifts and tells you how to make the most of your bag-in-box.

As a complete concept for an enjoyable evening with wine loving friends, the book even includes ten suggestions for wine tastings that illustrate the different sections. Using four wines in each of the sections, Håkan explains the differences and similarities to look for and recommends food that can be served afterwards. The Complete Guide to the World of Wine also tells you about wines you have to try before you die, wines you should always have at home and wines that age well – as well as, of course, how to keep them. The book conveys the same feeling that Håkan has both on stage and on TV: easy-going, entertaining and enthusiastic, with great depth to his knowledge. Håkan is a true educator and definitely not a wine snob. With his friendly, welcoming and humorous approach to the subject, he opens up the doors to the wonderful world of wine to everyone!