The French Baker

Swedish title: Den franske bagaren

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 06-03-2012

Format: 195x260 mm, 256 pages, 4+4

The French BakerA Tribute to French food and baking

Sébastien Boudet, illustrated by Olaf Hajek

A culinary journey through the world of the French baker.

In The French Baker, Sébastien Boudet takes you on a culinary journey through France. The book is both a collection of well-preserved family recipes and a loving tribute to French food and baking traditions. Besides sour dough bread and pastries, you will also find essential recipes for French dishes that are all connected to a baker’s kitchen. Some of the recipes even include GR codes that are linked to a film showing you Sébastien making the dish.

A passion for sough dough With just a few ingredients, you can achieve endless combinations of flavours, aromas and textures. This chapter includes everything from the national symbol of France, the baguette, to the bread that can replace an entire meal, the Provençal fougasse. There are also informative sections on how to start a sour dough, the essential autolysis and the tools that will help you to succeed.

Pastries and sweet bread Learn how to bake perfect croissants with crispy tops and creamy centres as well as a modern version of the Swedish classic, sour dough cinnamon buns.

Desserts to die for Everything from the simplest French apple pie with the apple and butter playing the lead roles, to the very rich Death by chocolate.

Baker’s food A chapter that includes both southern France specialities such as duck confit and France’s answer to fast food, croque monsieur.

Dressings, sauces and creams With a piece of levain, a glass of wine and a little pistou your evening will be saved. A chapter on essential sauces, creams and dressings.

The French Baker is richly illustrated with photographs of France taken by Carl Kleiner. It has been beautifully designed by Justine Lagache and includes a number of magnificent illustrations by the artist Olaf Hajek.

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