The Green Larder

Swedish title: Det gröna skafferiet

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 15-04-2014

The Green Lardervegetarian cooking

Karoline Jönsson

Open your eyes to the abundance of produce right on your doorstep and grow your own on your kitchen windowsill.
That is exactly what Karoline Jönsson does, using everything to make wonderful vegetarian food. Artichokes are turned into velvety gnocchi and beetroot into a beautiful pie. Currants become a refreshing drink and herbs are turned into all sorts of tea. Lingonberries are transformed into a lingonberry toffee ice cream and mushrooms into a warming soup.

This is a book where rather unusual ingredients like sour milk, almond milk and birch sap can end up on the same
menu. Many of the recipes have been inspired by the older generation, handwritten and passed down by grandmothers.
You can produce your own food all year round, using your windowsill to grow shoots and sprouts during the winter. It is a fun and easy way of providing extra nourishment just when you need it the most. Everyone can create a green larder to fill up and feed yourself and others with and, above all, to enjoy.

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