The Perfect Stride

Swedish title: Det perfekta löpsteget

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 05-03-2013

Format: 195x224 mm

The Perfect Stride

Thomas Reckmann

The Perfect Stride

Millions of Swedes run on a regular basis, but, despite radical development in our knowledge of this form of exercise over the past decade, most people continue to run in exactly the same way as they have always done. 


The idea that long distance running is purely a matter of fitness lives on and while running magazines, books and blogs are full of advice on intervals, threshold training and pulse watches, they seldom discuss running techniques. Very few people are aware that the Kenyan runners that have been dominating the international scene ever since the 1980s have no better absorption of oxygen than Swedish elite runners, so the difference isn’t in the fitness but the technique – that is where the greatest potential lies both for people that run professionally and those that run to keep fit.


This book has been partially inspired by Chris McDougall’s Born to Run, which revolutionized the running techniques of millions of Americans and dramatically changed the style of running shoes. The Perfect Stride takes off where Born to Run ends and teaches you how to achieve an easy and effective stride. It is unique since it provides both scientific and amusing explanations as to why training your stride is the most effective way of becoming a better runner and practical instructions on how to go about it.


From the book

  •          What determines how fast you run?

  •          A short cut to faster running

  •          The hip – the hub of the stride

  •          The shoulders – the biggest energy thief

  •          The feet – built-in bounce that makes you faster and reduces injuries

  •          Correct foot strike

  •          Bare foot is good

  •          Training programme

  •          Tests


What is fantastic about finding your natural stride is that after a training session you’ll feel euphoric instead of exhausted – even though you’re running faster than ever.



The author Thomas Reckmann is a journalist that specializes in training, health, athletics and psychology. He is also a qualified physical education teacher and athletics coach and has competed as a sprinter at elite level.


Format: 195×224 mm

Pages: 144, full colour throughout


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