The Return

Swedish title: Återkomsten

Series: Van Veeteren 3

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers

Pub date: 06-06-2003

The Return

Håkan Nesser

One quiet August morning an alleged double murderer leaves prison. One rainy April day the next year a mutilated human body is found in a ditch. Is there a connection?

Superintendent Van Veeteren is faced with an unhappy human destiny – and a case in which all the leads take him back in time.

The return birthmark is the third book in Håkan Nesser’s series of ten novels about Superintendent Van Veeteren and his colleagues in the police force in Maardam.

Rights sold

Czech/Moba Knihy
English (UK+Commonwealth)/Mantle, Macmillan
English (US)/Pantheon
Greek/Orfeas Publications
Italian/Ugo Guanda
Lithuanian/Media Incognito
Polish/Czarna Owca
Portuguese/20|20 Topseller

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