The Secrets of a Hypnotist

Swedish title: Hypnotisörens hemligheter

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 01-03-2011

Format: 176 pages + CD

The Secrets of a HypnotistChallende your limitations with hypnosis

Fredrik Praesto

Where are the limits to what we can achieve?

Is there any way to become more creative, perform better, and change our ingrained behaviour patterns?

This book will give you the tools to help you exploit your resources to the max.

Perhaps you want to free yourself of a phobia, improve your sports performance or simply achieve your life’s ambition? Or perhaps you want to sort out daily problems like getting rid of a tiresome tune that has got into your head, or you want to reignite a dormant relationship.

Through self-hypnosis you can reach down deeper into your consciousness – the ideal way to achieve change.

Practical exercises alternate with illustrated case studies. The accompanying CD will help you to get going.

The CD contains 6 tracks:

1. Introduction

2. To go into trance

3. Let go of unnecessary worry and stressful thoughts

4. Feel fantastically well!

5. Reach your goals!

6. Closure

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