The Silver Apostles

Swedish title: Silverapostlarna

Series: The Homan Crime Series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 09-06-2016

The Silver Apostles

Jan Mårtenson

Food, wine and a dose of delightful entertainment in Jan Mårtenson’s 44th crime novel

Wagner’s grandiose music, Charles the Great’s silver Apostle spoons, which came to Sweden as the spoils of war, blackmail and deadly threats are all ingredients in the dramatic course of events into which Homan, the quiet antiques dealer from the Old Town, is drawn in THE SILVER APOSTLES. Reluctantly he also has to ask himself whether ghosts exist. Does he get an answer?

THE SILVER APOSTLES is a fast-paced and exciting story where art, antiques and good wines all have their place.

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