The Story of Mr Roos

Swedish title: Berättelse om herr Roos

Series: The Barbarotti Series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 15-08-2008

The Story of Mr Roos

Håkan Nesser

Mr. Roos is a man whose charm can be compared to a glass of lukewarm water…

59 years old Ante Valdemar Roos lives with his second wife and barely gets along with his two stepdaughters. One day, a winning lottery ticket makes it possible for him to fulfil his childhood dream, and without informing his wife, he buys a hut in the middle of a forest. He resigns from work and decides to spend the rest of his days alone.

Then Anna Gambowska appears, seemingly out of nowhere, a 21 years old recovering addict on the run from rehab and a dysfunctional relationship. Mr. Roos takes her in, and as they slowly get to know each other, they form a bond not unlike that of a father and his daughter. Everything is turned upside down, however, when Anna’s ex-boyfriend finds out about her hiding place.
When Gunnar Barbarotti is put on the case, he shows little interest in the sudden disappearance of a married man. But when a dead body is found near Mr. Roos’ house, solving the case becomes Barbarotti’s number one priority.

THE STORY OF MR. ROOS is the third novel in Håkan Nesser’s Barbarotti quintet.

Rights sold

Danish: Modtryk
Dutch: Uitgeverij De Geus
English (UK+Com): Mantle/Pan Macmillan
Finnish: Tammi
German: Btb Verlag
Italian: Guanda
Latvian: Zvaigzne
Norwegian: Vigmostad & Bjørke
Polish: Czarna Owca

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