The Unlucky Lottery

Swedish title: Münsters fall

Series: Van Veeteren 7

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers

Pub date: 06-06-2003

The Unlucky Lottery

Håkan Nesser

Four companions have won the lottery. But someone sticks a knife in one of them, twenty or thirty times, before they have had time to run through the money. Since Superintendent Van Veeteren is on leave to devote his time to secondhand books, it is Inspector Münster who has to tackle the case of the murdered pensioner.

The Unlucky Lottery is the sixth book in Håkan Nesser’s series of ten novels about Superintendent Van Veeteren and his colleagues in the police force in Maardam.


Rights sold

Dutch/De Geus
English (UK)/Macmillan
English (US)/Pantheon
Italian/Ugo Guanda
Polish/Czarna Owca

Elisabet Brännström