Swedish title: Välklädd

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 18-08-2015

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 192 pages


Christian Quaglia

Well-Dressed is the perfect book for all fashion and design conscious men. But Well-Dressed is about so much more than just nice clothes. It teaches you about fit, colors, patterns and quality and encourages you to be bold, to combine old and new, to find your own personal style and to use the right accessories and vintage finds like watches and bags. Choose materials that last, buy a cool ring or some very elegant shoes, top it all off with a colourful scarf and spend some time caring for yourself, your skin, your hair and your beard.

In this book, Christian Quaglia advises you on how to style your wardrobe, how to dress for everyday life and parties and how to optimise your style with shoes, bags, watches, jewellery and other accessories. You get to visit a tailor, cobbler, glove-maker, barber and watchmaker and learn about these classic handicrafts. He also teaches you about different materials, gives you advice on the best way of caring for your body and passes on some great shopping and travel tips in cities like Naples, New York and London. You’ll even find answers to your questions on whether to go for new or vintage and how to shop online. All the inspirational pictures are the work of the photographer Dion Amor.

Christian Quaglia is the man behind the popular vintage stores Herr Judit and Brandstationen in Stockholm but he also designs his own jewellery and accessories and over the years he has worked together with renowned Swedish brands like Sandqvist, Eton and Triwa.

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