Where the Ice Breaks

Swedish title: Där isarna råmar

Series: Arctic Circle series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 08-06-2021

Where the Ice Breaks

Jennie Lundgren, Ulrika Lundgren Lindmark

The first book in an explosive new crime series reminiscent of Giles Blunt’s John Cardinal series set near the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, written by a female writing duo, one of whom is an active police officer.

The snow is finally thawing in the depths of the wilderness in northern Sweden when an abandoned bicycle is found. A bike that belongs to a boy whose disappearance the previous summer has confounded the police.

Irene has recently left Stockholm to become a beat cop in Kalix, in the far reaches of northern Sweden just south of the Arctic Circle. Irene is working hard to adapt to the quirks of northern policing: an understaffed and underfunded police district, gruelling shifts and a region made up of multiple sprawling, largely unpopulated areas. And on top of that, she soon finds herself embroiled in a battle of wills between her new bosses and her narrow-minded colleagues, almost all of them men.

In a small village nearby we meet Nina, a young girl who lives with her aunt and her critically ill mother. Her aunt’s dubious friends pervade them with a sense of danger, and it becomes increasingly clear that Nina and her mother’s welfare may be at risk.

Between the breaking of the ice and arrival of spring, Irene is on a hunt to crack the disappearance of the missing boy. As new crimes unfold, she strives to integrate with her colleagues. Perfect for fans of Åsa Larsson’s Kiruna series and the snowy settings of Louise Penny.

WHERE THE ICE BREAKS is the first book in a new series by debut authors Lundgren & Lundgren, one of whom is a police officer herself. The series and the unique setting combines the sometimes claustrophobic life of a tightknit community with the freedom and isolation of a desolate landscape.

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Finnish: Minerva
Norwegian: Vigmostad & Björke

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