Wise choice family

Swedish title: Råsmart familj

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Mind & Body

Pub date: 04-01-2011

Format: 192 pages, 210x210mm, colour

Wise choice family

Ulrika Hoffer

Nutritious food on the table every day, good sleep and energy to exercise.
Motivation to hold on to good habits, a stable blood sugar and a strong immune system.

Is this something your family would like to have but have trouble to get? In this book you get the tools you need to succeed with a health investment that lasts.

Ulrika Hoffer invented the concept “råsmart” (wise choice) while in the middle of Life with small children and felt the need for a new beginning.
With great knowledge she gives tips on how to make good every day food and how to hide vegetables in the kids’ favourite dishes. You learn how to make sweets without sugar, milk and white flour. Read about how to strengthen your immune system and avoid getting stuck in persistent colds, and how to make excersie a joyful everyday routine. You also learn how to get the whole family to sleep well – the whole night.

The book also contains a 10-week program – wise choice in ten steps. You get help to establish lasting habits that give the whole family the best possible possibility to live an active life with good sleep, exercise and good food.

The book has an extensive cooking part. Learn how to make:
Smoothies, Müsli bars, healthy pancakes, tasty chicken burgers, child friendly stick food, practical “all-in-one” food that can be varied and last for several days.

Welcome to a life as wise choice!

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