Woman With A Birthmark

Swedish title: Kvinna med födelsemärke

Series: Van Veeteren 4

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers

Pub date: 06-06-2003

Woman With A Birthmark

Håkan Nesser

A number of men have been shot dead at close range. What is behind these cold-blooded killings? What does the music that is played on the victims’ telephones mean?

Superintendent Van Veeteren reluctantly digs down deep into a tragic story.

The woman with birthmark is the fourth book in Håkan Nesser’s series of ten novels about Superintendent Van Veeteren and his colleagues in the police force in Maardam.

Rights sold

Czech/Bastei MOBA
English UK/Macmillan
English US/Pantheon
German/btb Verlag
Greek/ Orfeas Publications
Italian/Ugo Guanda
Korean/Dong Hyun Publishing Company

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