David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz (b. 1962) penned the autobiography about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as told by Zlatan. Through long hours of interviewing Zlatan, Lagercrantz managed to capture Zlatan’s personal, and never before told, story.

Jonas Leijonhufvud

Jonas Leijonhufvud (b . 1974), has been a business journalist since 1998. He interviewed Jeff Bezos when the IT bubble burst, and Martin Lorentzon when Spotify was launched. Today he works for Dagens Industri, Sweden’s leading business and economics newspaper.

Sven-Eric Liedman

Sven-Eric Liedman (b. 1939) was educated in Lund and Gothenburg, and became a senior fellow in the department of History of Science and Ideas in Lund (1968-70) and in Gothenburg (1971-79). In 1979 he became a professor at the institution in Gothenburg until 2006. He was the winner of the August Priz…

Axel Lindén

Axel Lindén (b. 1972) debuted in 2017 with Counting Sheep, a reflection on life as an academic-turned-shepherd. The book sold to 8 languages and garnered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, Lindén lives on a farm with his family in the south of Sweden. Their house is heated with firew…

Fanny Lindkvist

Fanny Lindkvist is a passionate communicator, influencer, food photographer and mother of two. She is the author of Det stora matäventyret, a cookbook for cooking with children. She lives in Stockholm with her family.

Cecilia Lindqvist

Cecilia Lindqvist is one of Sweden’s leading experts on China. Since the 1970s she has been teaching Chinese and educating people about Chinese culture, history, language and society with books, newspaper articles and television programmes. Besides Chinese and history, she has also studied music, in…

Herman Lindqvist

Herman Lindqvist (b. 1943) was born in Stockholm and raised in Helsinki, and worked as a journalist and war– and foreign correspondent before becoming a full-time author. His expansive authorship of 63 titles covers mostly history, but also biographies, fiction, and journalism.

Sven Lindqvist

Lindqvist was born in Stockholm 1932. He made his debut with the essay Ett förslag in 1955 and has since then developed a very personal style, a mix of essays, aphorisms, journalistic reportages, diaries and travel journals. Lindqvist’s books have also been very successful abroad.

Mia Lundin

MIA LUNDIN is a specialist gynaecology-obstetrical nurse, and since 1989 she has worked on treatment of hormonal disorders such as menopausal symptoms, PMS and postpartum depression. Mia Lundin lived in California for many years, running her own clinic – The Center for Hormonal & Nutrition Balance I…