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Elisabet Brännström

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Ann Rosman

Ann Rosman, b. 1973, is the author of the very beloved Marstrand Series, set on the picturesque coastal island Marstrand just outside Gothenburg, featuring police detective Karin Adler.

Ann’s debut The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter was published in 2009 and begins the Marstrand Series and the adventures of Karin Adler. The other titles in the series are The Soul Coffin, The Guardian of Porto Franco, Mercurium and The Sea Cat. Ann has published five novels to date and her works have been sold to seven countries. Ann is now hard at work on the sixth instalment featuring Karin Adler, which will be published by Albert Bonniers Förlag in 2016.

Books by Ann Rosman

In Deep Water

Ann Rosman

At the height of WWI, on the 5th of June 1916, the British warship HMS Hampshire goes down outside the Orkney Islands. With her she takes the British Minister of War, Lord Kitchener, and almost 700 men. But what else did she take with her? Rumours ar…

Swedish title: Vågspel

Series: The Karin Adler series

Category: Fiction

Pub date: 02-05-2016