Cecilia Heikkilä

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Cecilia Heikkilä

Cecilia Heikkilä is a graphic designer and illustrator, working mostly with children’s books. She grew up in Dalarna and is the acclaimed author and illustrator of The Christmas Jumper and Badger’s Journey.

Books by Cecilia Heikkilä

The Christmas Jumper

Cecilia Heikkilä

Fransson the homeless cat finds winter difficult. He has to spend all day wandering around the town just to stop his paws from freezing to the ground. From the outside he looks in on the Christmas shopping animals who pause at the town’s café or meet…

Swedish title: Jultröjan

Category: Children

Pub date: 08-10-2018

Format: 210x210mm, 32 pages colour

Badger’s Journey

Cecilia Heikkilä

A long time ago Badger was the captain of a boat, but now he’s old and tired and lives a peaceful life on his little island. But it’s a windy place and one day a little animal is washed ashore. And when it wakes up it starts making a terrible noise a…

Swedish title: Grävlings resa

Category: Children

Pub date: 06-08-2018

Format: 195x240mm, 48 pages, colour

Singer’s Melody

Vanna Rosenberg

It is nighttime. The sea lies still under the moon light when a little sea lion cub is taken from his mother and father. His secure life on a rocky outcrop ends and a new life begins. The little sea lion cub is taken to a travelling circus and becaus…

Swedish title: Singers melodi

Category: Children

Pub date: 04-01-2016

Format: 140 x210 mm, 104 pages, color