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Theres Lundén

Theres Lundén and Johannes Wätterbäck live in central Västerås with their two children. They grow things wherever they can – on the windowsills of their apartment, their kitchen garden, an urban garden around the corner, their green house and in a vegetable patch at their summer house. They also run the popular blog Farbror Grön where they share their green skills and gardening philosophy. Their first book All Fingers Green was released in 2015 and named ‘Gardening Book of the Year’ by the Swedish Horticultural Society.

Books by Theres Lundén

Cold-Season Gardening

Johannes Wätterbäck, Theres Lundén

Cold-season gardening means mimicking nature. Seeds are allowed to lie in cold soil and germinate when they are ready, which works for many vegetables, summer and biennial flowers, as well as perennials.There are plenty of advantages to cold-season g…

Swedish title: Odla kallt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 01-03-2023

Format: 170x240, 264 pages

Harvest, Preserve and Cook

Theres Lundén, Johannes Wätterbäck

A book about how and when to harvest, how best to preserve Vegetables and recipes for your produce. The book includes recipes for preserved, marinated, pickled and fermented vegetables, as well as chutneys, pesto, sauerkraut, quiches and more. A fun…

Swedish title: Skörda, lagra, laga

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 31-03-2020

Format: 165 x 210 mm, 224 pages

More Fingers Green

Johannes Wätterbäck, Theres Lundén

Would you like to start growing your own vegetables but aren’t sure how to? That won’t be a problem when you have the help of this beautifully illustrated guide. This book contains all the help you need to succeed – from seed to harvest – with tips o…

Swedish title: Flera fingrar gröna

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 12-03-2019

Format: 140x210 mm, 352 pages