Mats Vänehem

Mats Vänehem is an illustrator and an archaeologist. He started as an illustrator of children’s books with the Easy-to-read series The School for Knights together with the author Magnus Ljunggren. The duo creates the football series The Best Club as well.

Mats also collaborates with the author Martin Widmark and makes the illustrations for the books about the boy Halvdan Viking. Beside this, he published his own picture book in 2010, called Hitta Historien.

In parallel with his work as an archaeologist for many years, he has been freelance as a cartoonist all the time. It has mostly become illustrations of and for historical facts. The pictures have been used in teaching materials, magazines, dissertations, popular science books and so on. They can also be seen in exhibitions at various museums around Sweden.

Books by Mats Vänehem

The Vikings

Mats Vänehem

A book about Vikings by Mats Vänehem who has written, illustrated and dug deep—like the archaeologist he is! Who were the Vikings? Go on an exciting dig among prehistoric graves, houses, boats and sacrificial places. Every object that is found is a p…

Swedish title: Vikingar

Category: Children

Pub date: 10-06-2015

Finding History

Mats Vänehem

A non-fiction book fun for both kids and adults!Come along on a journey of discovery in pictures, and learn some interesting facts into the bargain! “Finding History” is a fantastic, fascinating historical picture book that describes one particular p…

Swedish title: Hitta historien

Category: Children

Pub date: 29-03-2010