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Peter Bergting

Peter Bergting is an illustrator who dreams of being a rock star. When not drawing or playing the guitar, he experiments in the kitchen. He has been featured in 5-600 publications worldwide. His comic book The Portent has been sold and translated worldwide. Peter continues to do illustrations for different publishers. In 2015 he received the prestigious Adamson Award, because he has: “with incredible hard work and capacity made an important and most trustworthy international career.”

Books by Peter Bergting

The Witchcraft Academy: The Fire Witch

Peter Bergting

A mysterious detective puzzle in a fantasy setting. The Witchcraft Academy is the place where young people in the town Morwhayle study magic, a school that is full of strange rooms, traps and weird pupils. Even dragons are allowed and there are demon…

Swedish title: Trolldomsakademien – Eldhäxan

Category: Children

Pub date: 02-06-2014

Format: 158x228, 224 pages, b/w illustrations

The Ice Ship

Peter Bergting

Mysteries pile up when the three friends Miranda, Orville and Emmi start a new term at the Magic Academy. In the middle of a thunderstorm, a float¬ing ship made of ice appears over the school. Where has it come from? Why do the teachers refuse to tal…

Swedish title: Trolldomsakademien – Isskeppet

Series: The Magic Academy

Category: Children

Pub date: 03-06-2015

Format: 151 x 228 mm, 244 pages, B/W illustrations


Peter Bergting

It’s summer vacation at the Magic Academy, but the three friends Miranda, Orville and Emmi can’t go home. They are locked up in the school! And the school isn’t its usual self. The whole house has changed and become a dark and dangerous labyrinth. It…

Swedish title: Trolldomsakademien – Spökslottet

Series: Trolldomsakademin

Category: Children

Pub date: 03-06-2016

Format: 158 x 228, 224 pages, b/w illustrations

Draw Fantasy

Peter Bergting

An easy to use and inspiring book for anyone who likes to draw and wishes to develop their abilities! There are so many amazing, magical fantasy creatures: trolls, dragons, monsters, elves and heroes. But it can be difficult to draw them. It looks so…

Swedish title: Lär dig teckna fantasy

Category: Children

Pub date: 14-09-2016

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 48 pages, color